Belie your chronological age ...
Boost your psychological
and biological age

Yoga Just As You Are (Yoga-JAYA) means meeting you at the level of your activity and your ability as well as meeting you in your space or my location.

It means turning up as you are, with bellies, boobs, aches and pains, stresses and anxiety and learn to become aware of your body and mind and make peace with both. It’s not about muscling through pain to achieve a goal, but about smart movement of your body to become stronger and kinder to yourself.

You don’t have to have a yoga body to do yoga. Yoga-JAYA is a practice for both men and women who would not have thought to venture to a class before. It’s a place for safe preparation and practice where you can learn how to go to a public class anywhere. 

Derived from Sanskrit जय (jaya) means "victorious " or "in celebration."  Yoga-JAYA is a place to start a yoga practice under care and guidance. It’s not about achievement and perfection it’s about celebrating yourself and being victorious in your body, just as you are…  

Are you finding it more difficult to run after the grand kids or pick up the golf balls, run for that volley, was that last hill a strain, fingers are getting clumsy, can’t bend down to weed? A regular yoga practice helps you maintain regular daily movements that involve dexterity and allows you to continue your beloved hobbies and physical activities such as golf, tennis, hiking, sewing, gardening, and painting. 


Q.  What services do you provide?
A.  Drop-in classes are available on Sunday at 9:30 am and Monday at 10 am. I also offer one-on-one private classes in your home, office, or at my studio, all by request. The level is foundational yoga with an emphasis on alignment and mobility.

Q.  Where do you teach?
A.  I  currently teach Yoga-JAYA at 5847 NE Halsey St in Portland, OR, at the Mt. Scott Community Center, and Unfold Studio . More details on classes & pricing.

Q.  What should I wear? Can I wear socks?
A. My classes need no lycra outfits. Wear comfortable pants and a shirt that does not flop over if you are bending over. Socks yes, but most prefer to go barefoot for more grip.

Q. Can I wear glasses in class?
A. Yes, I do.

Q. What is done when you practice yoga?
A. We connect movement of our bodies and the fluctuations of our thoughts to the rhythm of our breathing.

Q. What happens in class?
A. A typical class will start with 10 minutes of warm up movements and some breath work, followed by 30 minutes of flowing postures, then some softening, cool down shapes and ends in 7-10 minutes of relaxation. Om is chanted to mark the beginning and end of practice. Its simply putting a sound vibration to our breath. It is known as the sound of all sounds!  

Q. Do you use any tools or props to help me?
A. We use a variety of tools and props to support movement and proper alignment, you will move with care and recognition of the body you have. There are blocks, bolsters and chairs for your use. I am able to show you how to adapt poses so you can do them to your best ability. 

Q. What if I am scared of hurting myself in the class?
A. Yoga is non-competitive. It's not about winning or losing. You will become aware and your intuition will tell you that something is too much. It should be steady and comfortable. If you experience any pain your body is telling you to back off gently. Go at your own pace with complete freedom.

Q. What is the difference between Biological age, Psychological and Chronological ages?
A. Biological age - age of the body in terms of cellular processes
     Psychological age - how old we feel!
     Chronological age - calendar age

The first two are changeable at any time. Awareness of the body and mind has the ability to influence our aging.