"Diane Thompson came into my life just when I needed her! I was looking for someone who would come to my home to teach me some Yoga fundamentals. I have a hearing loss and so group classes were challenging for me. I also have several back and neck issues and I was concerned about doing things the right way so I would not hurt myself.

Diane has been teaching me in my home now for several weeks. My daughter and husband have also joined in.

I am so excited to be feeling better, am more flexible and I have gained strength since working with Diane. She is able to show me how to adapt poses so I can do them with my limitations.

I highly recommend Diane as a Yoga teacher."

 — Wendy S.

'' So, in terms of the yoga... First of all I want to tell you how impressed I am with your teaching skills!  Wow, you did a terrific job - explained things well, demonstrated, helped me, reexplained and even asked about my learning style.  I was very impressed. "

Gretchen G.    

''Diane, the Yoga for Bone Health teacher is awesome. She has detailed lesson plans and sends out materials by email each week. She is clear in her directions and coaching of individual students in the yoga sessions. She cares about her students. She has a natural enthusiasm and a happy laugh. She plays a beautiful instrument. She has studied an area of yoga that a segment of the population really needs. She often stays after class to help people or talk to them.'' 

Susan G.

"For years I flirted with yoga:  taking a class then stopping then starting again.  Finally, I gave up.  My one-on-one sessions with Diane changed that. Diane's skill and knowledge combined with her kindness and sense of humor allowed my aging body to move, stand, relax.  Any one would benefit from working with her but especially those of us who thought we could never be in a yoga class." 

Mary C.

I've been extra pleased to have Diane volunteer her time at our clinic's wellness and yoga program here at Old Town Clinic.

She has an amazing ability to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, playful, and importantly doesn't let you get away with having low expectations of yourself.  Warm and authentic, Diane emphasizes self-acceptance, and at the same time she'll shruggingly encourage you to "just give it a try."  So different from some competitive or just plain judgmental yoga classes I've observed in the past!  Attentive to each individual, Diane regularly goes from person to person to offer adjustments or advice, and demonstrates chair-based movements for nearly every pose, thus totally destroying any possibility of shame in "not doing it right".  (She's also been known to call attention to her own occasional wobbliness when that happens!)  

With her patience and light touch, I've seen people dealing with long-term homelessness, institutionalized brain grooves, and severe chronic pain

a)      Committing to coming back to yoga,

b)     Beaming like ‘all get-out’ when they find themselves out of the wheelchair for a full sixty minutes (true story). 

If there were more yogis around with this type of kindness and assurance, there'd be so many more people doing yoga on the regular, that we'd probably have world peace.  

Moira R.

Diane Thompson is a wonderful addition to our study team.  She has served as gentle restorative instructor with a healing style as our certified Yoga Instructor with the emphasis on the oncology participant population. She is currently contracted with the URCC NCORP Research Base, and National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program. This cancer research study is being administered by the University of Rochester, URCC 14040, YOCAS II “A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing the Effectiveness of Yoga, Survivorship Health Education, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treating Insomnia in Cancer Survivors”

She administered the spring 2017 cohort of 15 participants, of which 6 were randomized to the YOGA study arm. She will also be teaching the URCC 14040 YOCAS II Spring 2018 cohort for the Pacific Cancer Research Consortium via Providence Health and Services, located at the Providence St. Vincent medical center.    Her energy is positive, educational, healing and restorative.  She is great pleasure to work with always going above and beyond the expected, with excellent communication skills.

Shivaun Schmidt.